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          How to prevent oxidation of aluminum coils.


          1. The storage environment for aluminum plates should be dry, bright, well ventilated, and free of corrosive weather.


          2. Aluminum coils should be kept away from areas with rain or snow as much as possible.


          3. Strengthen the management of rolling oil, and control its moisture content below 0.04%.


          4. The packaging of aluminum coils should be sealed, and each coil should be filled with an appropriate amount of desiccant.


          When transporting from a low-temperature area to an area with high temperature and humidity, do not immediately open the sealed packaging.


          6. The humidity of the wooden shaft and board of the packaging box shall not exceed 18%, and the temperature of the colored aluminum coil for packaging shall not exceed 45 ℃.



          7. When storing aluminum coils, it is strictly prohibited to store them together with chemical materials and humid materials.


          Aluminum coil is a common metal product that has a high demand in industry. The main role of aluminum coil in industry is raw material, which needs to be processed in various ways before it can circulate in the market. The specifications and models of aluminum coil in the market are also very diverse, and basic needs can be met. There are also many aluminum coils in the market.


          If the aluminum coil is placed inside a wooden box, we need to ensure that the humidity of the wooden box is less than 18%, and the temperature of the aluminum coil cannot exceed 45 ℃.


          If the packaging suddenly switches from a low temperature area to a high temperature area during storage, we should not immediately open it because it is prone to oxidation. We should wait until the aluminum coil is suitable before opening it, so that oxidation will not occur.


          Various quality problems may occur during the production process of aluminum coil plates, and what are the reasons for these quality problems.


          1. Non metallic pressing.


          Main reasons: Unclean equipment conditions in the rolling process, unclear lubricants in the rolling process, insufficient spraying pressure of process lubricants, and scratches on the surface of the slab.


          2. Scratches.


          Main reasons: During the processing and production process, the plates and strips come into contact with the guides and equipment, causing relative friction and scratches. The end face of the cold-rolled coil is uneven, causing misalignment during annealing and flipping in a vertical furnace, resulting in scratches between layers. Improper tension during cold rolling causes interlayer misalignment and scratches during uncoiling, and improper finishing acceptance or packaging operations cause sliding between plates and scratches.


          3. Collision injury.


          Main reasons: collision between plates and coils and other objects during transportation or storage, and collision with other protrusions on the annealing material rack or chassis, resulting in aluminum coils.

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