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          1. 清除塵埃:使用柔軟布或羽毛刷,可以輕輕將雕花鋁單板表面塵埃和雜物清除干凈,防止其長期的積累。

          1. Dust removal: Using a soft cloth or feather brush, the surface dust and debris of the carved aluminum veneer can be gently removed to prevent long-term accumulation.

          2. 溫水清洗:可以使用毛巾浸濕溫水并輕輕的擦拭鋁單板表面。為了能更好進行清潔,可以加入少量的中性洗滌劑。需注意的是,不要使用過熱或過冷水來加以清洗,以免對鋁單板造成損傷。

          2. Warm water cleaning: You can use a towel to soak in warm water and gently wipe the surface of the aluminum veneer. For better cleaning, a small amount of neutral detergent can be added. It should be noted that do not use overheated or supercooled water for cleaning to avoid damage to the aluminum veneer.


          3. 避免化學清潔劑:避免使用含酸性或堿性成分的清潔劑,以免對鋁單板表面造成一定損害。畢竟一些清潔劑可能會使得鋁單板變色或褪色,因此鄭州鋁板廠家工作人員建議您選擇中性清潔劑加以進行清潔。

          3. Avoid chemical cleaning agents: Avoid using cleaning agents containing acidic or alkaline components to avoid causing certain damage to the surface of aluminum veneers. After all, some cleaning agents may cause discoloration or fading of aluminum veneers, so the staff of Zhengzhou aluminum plate manufacturers suggest that you choose neutral cleaning agents for cleaning.

          4. 去除頑固污漬:對于頑固污漬,可以使用稀釋中性清潔劑,然后用軟布進行輕輕擦拭。避免使用含研磨顆粒清潔劑或尖銳刮刀,以避免劃傷鋁單板的表面。

          4. Remove stubborn stains: For stubborn stains, you can use a diluted neutral cleaner and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents or sharp scrapers containing abrasive particles to avoid scratching the surface of the aluminum veneer.