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          聽到花紋的鋁板這個名字,我們就相信它是外觀上有花紋的鋁制金屬板材,可是通常同樣的事情并不像我們聽到或看到的那么簡單。 那么,花紋鋁板到底有什么樣的簡單的地方,各自有什么樣的用途,還有應該怎樣保護裝置呢

          When we hear the name aluminum plate with patterns, we believe it is an aluminum metal plate with patterns on its appearance, but usually the same thing is not as simple as what we hear or see. So, what are the simple aspects of patterned aluminum plates, what are their respective uses, and how should they be protected

          第一,花紋鋁板非常簡單。 首先,在鋁制板材上制作規則圖案并不簡單。 這意味著加工中有很多工序,不僅機械設備的投入,還花費了更多的勞力。

          Firstly, patterned aluminum panels are very simple. Firstly, making regular patterns on aluminum sheets is not easy. This means that there are many processes in the processing, which not only involve the investment of mechanical equipment, but also require more labor.

          二、加工,優質鋁合金防滑板,加工精細,安裝精密,密封性能好,開關自如。 劣質鋁合金門窗,盲目選用鋁型材系列和規格,加工粗制造,用鋸切割,代替銑削加工,不按要求安裝,密封性能差,開關不方便,不僅有漏雨和玻璃爆炸現象,還遇到強風和外力,推拉部分和玻璃脫落

          2、 Processing, high-quality aluminum alloy anti-skid plate, precision processing, precise installation, good sealing performance, and easy opening and closing. Poor quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, blind selection of aluminum profile series and specifications, rough manufacturing, sawing and cutting instead of milling, not installed according to requirements, poor sealing performance, inconvenient opening and closing, not only experiencing rain leakage and glass explosion, but also encountering strong winds and external forces, sliding parts and glass detachment


          合金鋁板也是金屬材料,日常運用過程中需要用科學的方法保護。 頂部、定時清洗、外觀污垢用清水或相應的除污劑清洗,污垢的其馀部分使用簡單形成板材腐蝕變形的專業噴霧劑涂層板材外觀,在圖案的鋁板上形成多個屏障可以避免腐蝕,另一方面,具有美觀裝飾的效果,因此得到運用

          Alloy aluminum plates are also metal materials, and scientific methods are needed to protect them during daily use. The top, regular cleaning, and appearance dirt shall be cleaned with clean water or corresponding detergent. The rest of the dirt shall be coated with professional spray agent that can simply form the corrosion deformation of the plate. The formation of multiple barriers on the aluminum plate with patterns can avoid corrosion. On the other hand, it has the effect of aesthetic decoration, so it is used

          合金鋁板從價格來看,一般優質的鋁合金防滑板生產成本高,因此價格比劣質的鋁合金防滑板高30%左右。 目前,加工鋁合金防滑板的個人用戶較多,不知道鋁合金防滑板的結構特點和性能。 為了降低成本放手減少材料,其次充實,產品危險大,不宜一般采用。 請選擇正規鋁合金防滑板制造商的產品。

          In terms of price, high-quality aluminum alloy skateboards generally have high production costs, so the price is about 30% higher than low-quality aluminum alloy skateboards. At present, there are many individual users who process aluminum alloy skateboards and are unaware of the structural characteristics and performance of aluminum alloy skateboards. In order to reduce costs, let go of reducing materials, and secondly enrich the product. The product is dangerous and not suitable for general use. Please choose products from reputable aluminum alloy skateboard manufacturers.

          微加工材料預處理工藝中應注意的問題:微加工材料先生成表面自然氧化膜,容易去除,但油漬的重量,尤其是眼睛及其周圍,此類工件必須先用有機溶劑清洗。 直接用堿洗不僅難以去除油漬的重量,而且微加工面不能承受長時間的強堿腐蝕,結果影響到工件表面的粗糙度和公差的配合,終有可能成為廢品。

          Attention should be paid in the pre-treatment process of microfabrication materials: The surface of microfabrication materials is naturally oxidized and easy to remove, but the weight of oil stains, especially around the eyes, must be cleaned with organic solvents first. Directly using alkaline washing not only makes it difficult to remove the weight of oil stains, but also the micro machined surface cannot withstand long-term strong alkaline corrosion, which affects the roughness and tolerance of the workpiece surface and may eventually become waste.

          合金鋁板制品廣泛應用于汽車、建筑等行業,提高鋁制品質量是企業生存的根本存在,鋁質材料在空氣中極不穩定,易產生肉眼難以識別的氧化膜。 鋁材加工方法的不同,例如鑄造成形、從軋制板材直接剪切的、機械微細加工的、或者通過不同的加工成形后進行熱處理或焊接等,工件表面呈現不同的狀態,存在某種程度的污垢或痕跡,因此在前處理工序中根據工件表面的實際情況選擇前處理的方法。

          Alloy aluminum plate products are widely used in industries such as automobiles and construction. Improving the quality of aluminum products is the fundamental survival of enterprises. Aluminum materials are extremely unstable in the air and are prone to producing oxide films that are difficult to recognize with the naked eye. The different processing methods of aluminum materials, such as casting, direct cutting from rolled sheets, mechanical micro processing, or heat treatment or welding after different processing and forming, result in different states on the surface of the workpiece, with some degree of dirt or marks. Therefore, in the pre-treatment process, the pre-treatment method is selected based on the actual situation of the workpiece surface.


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